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Because the FWA motto is, "Writers helping writers" and because writers like Randy Cribbs felt a group to help other writers was a good idea, the Ancient City Chapter was born in 2006.

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Ron Whittington shares tips on web development and social media for St. Augustine’s Ancient City Writers Group on Nov. 21

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How to make the most out of a Conference

Today my plan is to add finishing touches to everything prior to packing the van and car tomorrow for the Florida Writers Association’s Annual Conference.  I have a team of people to help and I am beyond thankful for each of them.  The conference itself is very much the same.  It takes on a life of it’s own and has many helpers along the way.  The entire show is pulled off by volunteers.  The organization does not have paid positions.  There are quite a few volunteers you may see year after year because not only do they know what it takes to pull a conference this size off but they are also among the brave to step up for the job, even knowing what it takes!

With the conference looming this week I wanted to talk about how to be prepared for this type of event.  Whether you are a newbie who will have the “deer-in-the-headlights” look all 4 days or a seasoned attendee who knows the ropes, you will want to go to conferences prepared.  …more

"Writers helping writers"