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Because the FWA motto is, "Writers helping writers" and because writers like Randy Cribbs felt a group to help other writers was a good idea, the Ancient City Chapter was born in 2006.

Upcoming Events


July 18, 10 am, at the MAIN LIBRARY, US 1 and San Carlos


Speaker: Chris Berman

Chris Berman

Writing the Action-Adventure Hero

       This presentation and discussion will focus on the settings, plot formula and the persona of the action hero. Whether it is Ian Fleming’s James Bond or Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt, the action hero is an important part of popular culture and responsible for millions of dollars in book sales, not to mention expansion into film and television. This program will look at the origins of the action hero, why this genre is so popular and continues growing in popularity, and what makes the character of the action hero different than other literary characters. This program will also look at gender. Why can’t the action hero be female? Is the action-adventure hero a solo character or does he or she have a foil for comic relief or to help counter the more extreme aspects of their fictional personality? Can you draw your action-adventure characters from real life individuals? For those writers looking to craft their own action-adventure story, this will be a highly useful program.

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August 15, 10 am., at the MAIN LIBRARY, US 1 and San Carlos 


Speaker: Nancy Quantrano

Nancy Quatrano

The Scoop on Backstory: 10 Tips to Develop and Use it Effectively

     Have you been told that your story is a bit bogged down? Been told the opening is a bit slow? Do you feel like your characters are sort of ho-hum? As a professional content editor, these are the issues I see the most in manuscript of both new and experienced writers.

     The difference between average characters and an average manuscript can often be the difference between employing the right type and amount of back story, at the right time.

     We all know our characters weren’t born yesterday, and that we’re all products of our past, but how much past is too much?

  •  Do you need a sentence or an entire scene?
  •  How do you use it to boost your characters from average to riveting?
  •  Do you know that backstory has far more to do with your characters than with your plot?

     And, if you think learning backstory balance is just for fiction writers, you might be surprised. Learning the proper place and time to start your work, no matter the venue or genre, is a critical writing craft skill.

     Workshop will include character development worksheets and a tip sheet to help you develop your “backstory muscles” so that this very important craft tool will make your work shine.



Nancy Quatrano is a full time content editor and copy writer as well as a part-time author of short stories and two upcoming fiction series. A member of FWA, Sisters in Crime, Professional Writers Alliance, and Rotary International, she operates her editing/publishing business in St. Johns County, Florida. She can be found online at Her first mystery novel, MURDER IN BLACK AND WHITE, will hit the shelves in late July.

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September 19, 10 am, at the MAIN LIBRARY, US 1 and San Carlos 


Speaker: Pat Gaydos

PatriciaGaydos 3

The Kindle and the Writer

My presentation, The Kindle and the Writer, focuses on services and apps available to the writer.

PowerPoint presentation and demonstration.  

How to use

  1. Kindle free e-mail service
    The Kindle includes a personal e-mail address which enables the registered owner the ability to send documents directly to their Kindle via an attached text file. It also includes an alert option to convert the document into Kindle format. This allows the author the opportunity to view how the e-book appears on the marketing site. This is especially important if your e-book contains images.
  2. Highlight and note storage
    Registered Kindle users have access to an Amazon online page which stores all highlights and notes that were created while reading a purchased or borrowed library book. From the internet page, you can send saved highlights and notes to an email address, a remote cloud, Facebook, or copy and paste to a computer program.
  3. Listen to your document or e-book.
    A writer can turn on the text-to-speech feature, open a manuscript, and hear how it flows when read aloud.
  4. Microsoft Word App
    This app free app is available on the Kindle and enables the user the ability to open, write, edit, save, and share Word documents.

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